Science creates wonders in our life and is integrated in our daily lives – from the food that we eat to the activities that we do. Through introducing the concept of contemporary science and engaging students’ inquiring minds with laboratory activities, the aim of the science education is to introduce fundamental scientific knowledge. But more importantly, the course equips students with important life skills such as communication, creativity and critical thinking.





  1. To nurture students’ interest in science learning ;
  2. To empower students with the capability of learning to learn and strengthen their scientific thinking skill ; and
  3. To develop students to become active learners in Science and exposing to frontiers of science such as science and technology


We expect that the students will show an interest in exploring contemporary science and related issues. They will demonstrate fundamental scientific knowledge, creativity, basic
communication and critical thinking skills in science and technology learning activities.
The long-term goal of science education is to help students develop an interest in science and to master the essential scientific knowledge and skills to become life-long learners in science and technology.

(i) To nurture students’ interest in science learning. It is necessary to organize the curriculum around problems or phenomena that puzzle students helps motivate students to learn.

(ii) To empower students with the capability of learning to learn, due emphasis should be placed on enhancing students’ scientific thinking and strengthening their science process skills.

(iii) To develop students to become active learners in Science. Students should be engaged actively in designing and conducting experiments to explore science concepts and develop science investigation skills for their own construction of science knowledge. Students should also be exposed to frontiers of science and develop an interest in the advancements of science and technology.

(iv) To help students learn science in English.




Ms. Hung Mei Sze (Chair) 洪美思老師
Ms. Chan Wai Yee Athena 陳慧儀老師
Mr. Cheng Man Hung 鄭萬鴻老師
Mr. Chow Chi Chung 周志聰主任
Ms. Lee Fang Yung 李昉蓉老師
Mr. Ng Tsz Kei 吳子祺老師


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