Principal’s Message

Setting goals and making every effort

Father Mak mentioned in the school closing ceremony that life is a journey of constant farewells and reunions; every brief departure welcomes a new beginning. Having said a short goodbye, we met each other again at the opening ceremony, welcoming the new school year. Last year, I set four goals with students at the opening ceremony: to be self-confident, diligent, perseverant, and positive. I am very grateful to witness the growth of all students who have made achievements in different areas. This year, I hope that students can set goals for themselves, striving to work hard in different fields and trying their best to pursue their dreams. I hope all Josephians will achieve excellence both in conduct and learning.


Celebrating the 65th anniversary

In the blink of an eye, St. Joseph's Anglo-Chinese School has been established for 65 years. To celebrate its 65th anniversary, the school will be marching with all its teachers and students in great strides towards future opportunities, with the theme "Innovation and Technology-Stride and Thrive in God's Grace". A series of exciting activities, including a number of STREAM activities, have been prepared for our guests. The most thrilling one is the "5G Real Virtuality Car Racing ", where teachers will show contestants how to use the latest 5G technology to control the racing cars on the track in order to compete for the "School Anniversary Cup" Other exciting activities include ball games, alumni talks, "Thanks for having you" Thank-you Ceremony, and etc. The unveiling ceremony of "Smart Space" will also be held on the anniversary day. The "Smart Space" on the 7th floor will provide students with a smart and comfortable study area. The renovation of the School Archive has also been completed. The archive showcases the school's development for more than half a century and allows guests to look back on the contributions of the significant people to the school in the past.

You are all cordially invited to participate in the open days of our school on 17th March 2023 (Friday) and 18th March 2023 (Saturday). See you there!