Student Nurturing

Sex Education


  • To teach students the differences between the two sexes;
  • To help students understand their responsibilities to their families and the society as well as to learn to respect others;
  • To cultivate students’ communication skills;
  • To encourage students to realize the value of life so as to help students develop appropriate sexual values; and
  • To introduce the Catholic ethical views on sexual issues.


Team Members:

  • Mr. Salaroli Carson (In-charge)


Yearly Events:

  • Seminars on different sexual issues, for example
  • “The Dangers of Pornography”〈色情文化的衝擊〉(for F1 students),
  • “Teen love”〈戀愛?亂愛?〉(for F2 students), and
  • “The Power of Reproduction and Natural Family Planning” 〈生育力的醒覺及自然家庭計劃法〉(for F6 students)
  • “Love and Life” 〈愛與生命〉curriculum in Religious Studies (for F3 students)
  • OLE curriculum (for NSS F4 students)