Student Nurturing

Civic & National Education


  • To develop students’ positive civic attitudes by facilitating sense of belonging to families, communities and nation;
  • To develop the spirit of volunteer service for family, school and community;
  • To cultivate the virtue of social responsibility, respect, appreciation, charity and love.



  • To carry out community services education (including family, school and community services, etc.);
  • To encourage students to participate in voluntary work and community activities in order to increase exposure of our school to nearby communities;
  • To help students develop sense of citizenship.



  • Mr. Chan Siu Por (In-charge)
  • Ms. Cho Wing Han (Assistant)
  • Ms. Chan Chung Yan
  • Mr. Ho Kun Shun
  • Mr. Lam Kwan Him
  • Mr. Law Chi Fai
  • Ms. Lee Fang Yung
  • Mr. Liu Sze Wai
  • Mr. Lo Chi Kong
  • Ms. Yu Oi Ying


Yearly Activities:

  • “My most respected and beloved teacher” Election
  • Inter-class Cleanliness Competitions
  • Community Chest Flag Day
  • Voluntary community work and activities
  • Promotion of Civic Education programs
  • Training of the School Flag Raising Team
  • National Day Flag-Raising Ceremony
  • ICAC interactive drama
  • Top Ten Local News Elections