Student Nurturing

Discipline Committee


  • It is our mission to help the school to cultivate an environment for learning.
  • It is our duty to discipline students.
  • It is our belief that discipline is important to the personal development of a student.
  • It is our belief that punishment is not the only way to handle misbehaved students
  • It is our experience that school perfects should be a role-model for other students.


Team Members:

Teacher-in-charge / Discipline Master

Mr. Wong Wong Fui

Assistant Discipline Master

Mr. Chan Man Ho

Mr. Cheuk Hon Ching


Mr. Leung Wai Lam

Ms. Yam Kin Hing

Mr. Yuen Yuen Kin

Mr. Li Chiu Chee



Coordinator of F1

Mr. Wong Wong Fui / Mr. Yuen Yuen Kin

Coordinator of F2

Mr. Cheuk Hon Ching

Coordinator of F3

Mr. Yuen Yuen Kin

Coordinator of F4

Mr. Wong Wong Fui / Mr. Yuen Yuen Kin

Coordinator of F5

Mr. Li Chiu Chee

Coordinator of F6

Ms. Yam Kin Hing


Mr. Wong Wong Fui

Prefect Board

Mr. Wong Wong Fui, Mr Yuen Yuen Kin

Punctuality / Late

F.1 Mr. Yuen Yuen Kin,

F.2 Mr. Cheuk Hon Ching

F.3 Mr. Wong Wong Fui

F.4 Mr. Li Chiu Yeung

F.5 Mr. Leung Wai Lam

F.6 Ms. Yam Kin Hing

Disciplinary Logbook

Mr. Wong Wong Fui


School Regulations:

A. Behaviour

Being a Josephian, each student should

  • care, love and respect each other.
  • be honest, polite and responsible.
  • be punctual all the time.
  • keep the school clean.
  • work for the benefits of the school and the community.
  • follow the school regulations.
  • wear school uniform properly.
  • keep a neat and tidy appearance.


A Josephian should not

  • stay in classrooms or loiter in the corridors during recess and lunch time without prior approval.
  • shout, eat and play games in classrooms.
  • cheat, gamble, play truant, smoke, and spit.
  • damage any notices or school property.
  • use mobile phone or other audio visual equipment in the campus without prior approval from the school.
  • use foul languages.
  • cause disturbance to others.


B. Lateness

  • A student who is late must first report himself to the School Office before being allowed to return to classrooms.
  • A student who arrives after 8:30 a.m. will have to write down the reason for lateness.
  • A student who is late after the reporting time in lunch will not be allowed to go out for lunch for a period of five school days. He has to report to his discipline teachers in this period.
  • A student who has been late for the fourth time will have to go to the detention room after school on the same day. The detention lasts for thirty minutes. He should report to the detention room on time and follow the instructions given by the staff there.
  • When a student is found to have been late for tenth times or more, he will be detained for two sessions after school.
  • When a student has no improvement in his punctuality record, he has to explain to the Discipline Master before being allowed to return to classroom.
  • A student who arrives late with a letter from parents will still be considered as being late. Providing a medical certificate and a letter from parents, he will be regarded as taking a half-day leave.


C. Early Leave

  • A student is required to get the approval from the school if he wants to take an early-leave.
  • A permit will be given to him and he has to show it to the security guard before leaving.
  • A boy leaving the school without approval is considered to be playing truancy.


D. Absence

  • A student who is absent from school is required to hand in a parent’s letter within the following three school days.
  • A student who is absent for more than one day or has been absent for more than three times in a school term should provide a letter from his parents and a medical certificate from doctors.
  • A student should not be absent from Swimming Gala, Sports Days, School Picnic, Speech Days and any other special days.  In case he has to take a sick leave, he has to hand in both a parent’s letter and a medical certificate from doctors.
  • A student who wants to obtain a private leave or an early-leave because of his personal and family affairs are required to seek prior approval from the principal. He has to submit a letter from his parents and relevant documents.


E. Uniform



  • White shirt with school badge
  • White trousers with dark leather belt
  • Shirts should be tucked in neatly
  • Only regular-length socks are allowed
  • No ankle socks are allowed
  • White shirt with school badge
  • Dark grey trousers with dark leather belt
  • Shirts should be tucked in neatly
  • School tie must be worn properly
  • Only regular-length socks are allowed
  • No ankle socks are allowed
  • Only the following types of jackets are allowed: pullover with school logo, school PE jacket or navy blue blazer with school badge


In case the Cold Weather Warning is issued by the Hong Kong Observatory, students are allowed to wear, on top of the proper winter uniform,

  • Chinese jacket / down jacket (dark blue / black),
  • scarf (dark blue / black / white), and
  • gloves.


F. Hairstyle

  • Students should ensure his hair style is tidy and clean.
  • Long hair is not allowed.
  • Outlandish hair style is not allowed.
  • Fringe should not cover the eye brows.
  • Sideburns should not cover the ears.
  • Students should keep the natural colour of their hair. No dyeing is allowed.
  • Students are not allowed to apply gel, mousse or spray on their hair.
  • Ornament is not allowed.


G. Mobile Phone

  • Students should turn off their mobile phones within the school premises.
  • Students should take proper care of their mobile phones. The school shall accept no responsibility for any loss or damage of mobile phones.
  • No unauthorized photo-taking or video-recording is allowed. In case a student is found to be using a mobile phone in school, the school reserves the right to check his mobile phone in order to ensure that the privacy of other members within the school has not been infringed.


H. Assembly

  • There are two assemblies every day in winter time.
  • Students have to line up properly before the assembly starts.
  • Students should get their prayer books ready for the morning assembly.
  • Students should keep quiet and be well-behaved in the assembly.
  • Students should give support and show their appreciation to the speakers during the assembly.
  • Students should follow the instructions of teachers and prefects.
  • Students should remain silent on their way to classrooms.


Awards and Punishments

MERIT  —  Within a school term

Be punctual in a school term

Has not been absent

Keep a clean sheet in disciplinary logbook

Keep a clean sheet in the detention record

DEMERIT —  Within a school term

Has been late for the sixth time, then, a multiple of sixteen

Has been absent from the detention for every three times

Has been booked in the disciplinary logbook for every eighth time

Failed to hand in homework on time for every twenty-fourth time, then, a multiple of sixteen


One day   – being late (starting from the fourth time)

Two days – being late (starting from the tenth time)

Three days more – being late (poor late record)

The number of days for detention varies

Improper hair style, Misbehavior