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The English Language curriculum is an integral part of the school curriculum that provides students with a wide range of learning experiences to enhance their English language proficiency for study, personal and intellectual development, social skills, cultural understanding, and global competitiveness. The English department works with other subject departments to ensure that students are given opportunities to use English effectively for purposeful communication both inside and outside the classroom.





The English Language curriculum aims to provide every student with further opportunities for extending their knowledge and experience of other cultures as well as opportunities for personal and intellectual development, further studies, pleasure and work in the English medium. The curriculum also aims to equip students with important generic skills needed to meet changing socioeconomic demands such as communication, collaboration, problem-solving, critical thinking and creativity.




Ms. Mak Tsui Ying (Chair) 麥翠瑩主任
Mr. Chan Yin Tat 陳彥達老師
Ms. Chu Pui Ying 朱佩瑩老師
Ms. Fong Mei Ping 方美萍老師
Mr. Ho Ngai Man 何毅文老師
Mr. Ho Sze Kit 何思傑老師
Ms. Holroyd Caroline
Mr. Leung Wai Lam 梁威林主任
Ms. Man Sin Yi 文善兒老師
Ms. Miu Sau Wai 繆秀慧老師
Mr. Mohamad Noman
Ms. Tong Yat Han 湯逸嫻老師


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