Student Nurturing

Guidance & Students Growth


  • Help students understand, accept and appreciate oneself so as to develop a healthy self-image
  • Enhance students’ self-confidence in learning
  • Help students learn how to develop interpersonal relation with others
  • Foster students’ independence and assertive ability
  • Establish students’ concrete and positive attitude


Team Members:


Mr. Chim Ha Chuen


Mr. Wong Chi Yin, Miss Chan Chung Yan


Ms. Chu Pui Ying, Mr. Ho Ngai Man, Miss Chan Wai Yee

Social worker:

Mr. Liu Chi Man, Mr. Chan Kam San


Yearly Events:





Positive Adolescent Training through Holistic Social Programmes

  • Enhance students’ connections with healthy adults and positive peers
  • Enhance their social, emotional, cognitive, behavioral and moral competencies
  • Care for and be more compassionate towards others
  • Understand their academic strengths and weaknesses of different subjects

F.1 Students

Whole year in form-teacher periods and lunch time activities

Love & Care Lessons

  • Enhance students’ social, emotional, cognitive, behavioral and moral competencies
  • Enhance their learning motivation
  • Improve their time management strategy
  • Apply their learning strategy

F.1 to 3


Whole year in form-teacher periods with teaching materials

‘Well done’ Award Scheme

  • Ensure and appreciate the effort of students in the learning process immediately
  • Encourage students to maintain improvement
  • Help students understand more about themselves
  • Enhance students’ confidence and elevate their self-image

F.1 to 6


Whole year