Support to Students with Special Education Needs

The Student Support Team aims to inspire and nurture students by respecting their individual learning differences and creating a harmonious learning environment.

Team Members 

Members Position
Lam Kwan Him Vice-Principal Head of Student Support
Leung Wai Lam Teacher SEN Coordinator
Liu Sze Wai Teacher Team member
Liu Wai Lun Teacher Team member
Leung Kai Pong Teacher Team member
Lam Ka Wai Social Worker, Student Support Team Team member
Lau Tsz Shan Social Worker, Student Support Team Team member
Yiu Ka Lik Teaching Assistant Team member
Liu Chi Man Social Worker Team member
Angela Wong Education Psychologist Team member

Service Provided to Students with Special Needs:

  1. Professional Counselling
  2. Parenting Activities
  3. Leadership Training Programmes
  4. Social Networking Training Activities
  5. Career and Life Planning Activities
  6. Occupational and Speech therapies
  7. Academic support
  8. Other activities related to Student Growth

Adaptation Measures


Student Support Team sends the SEN student list to all relevant teaching staff through emails in September every year. The Student Support Information Booklet will also be uploaded to the website in order to facilitate different counseling strategies.

Student Support Team recommends the promotional arrangement of SEN students to the Academic Board in June every year. This is base on students’ academic achievement and parents’ desire. Priority on the arrangement of classes depends on the connectivity with the teachers in the SEN team.

Pull-out Counseling

Part of the supporting services will be arranged within regular lesson time, for example, the speech therapy service. Students who need those services may be pulled out from the regular lessons.

After-lesson Counseling Service

This counseling service will be divided into homework support team and individual counseling team. They will be conducted in Student Support Activity Room and normal classrooms.


Special arrangement on tests and exams will be arranged according to the regulations set by the Hong Kong Examinations Authority.

Teacher Professional Development on Catering for Students with Special Educational Needs

Professional Training Programme Total No. of Trained Teachers
Basic Course 17.9% of total teaching staff
Advanced Course 5
Thematic Course on Sensory, Communication and Physical Needs (Hearing Impairment and Speech and Language Impairment) 1
Thematic Course on Sensory, Communication and Physical Needs (PhysicalDisabilities and Visual Impairment) 1
Thematic Course on  Behavioural, Emotional and Social Development Needs 4
Thematic Course on Cognition and Learning Needs (Facilitating Chinese Language Learning) 2
Thematic Course on Cognition and Learning Needs (Facilitating English Language Learning) 2
Student Mentor Health Scheme – Training for Designated Professional staff 4
Professional Development Programme for Mental Health 1