• To disseminate information related to the latest local and overseas education trends, and paths of further education;
  • To inform students of the courses offered in local and overseas tertiary institutes and universities;
  • To expose students to the workings of a job-propelled society;
  • To offer to students effective study skills and ways to relieve pressure from public examinations;
  • To offer guidance to students who needs more support in study skills; and
  • To help students recognize their strengths, interests and abilities so that they can plan their studies or careers.
Team Members:
  • Mr Tang Man Wai (In-charge)
  • Ms Miu Sau Wai (Assistant)
  • Ms Tong Yat Han(Assistant)
  • Ms Chau Choi Hung
  • Ms Cho Wing Han
Yearly Events:
  • Liaise with the alumni to run the Mentorship Scheme
  • Organize talks on university programmes to public exam classes
  • Organize career talks to introduce different types of jobs to senior students and inform students of the latest market trends
  • Coordinate workplace visit and job placement programmes for senior form students
  • Organize life planning programme to students(F.1 to F.5)