Through participating in extra-curricular activities, students can
  1. Learn knowledge and skills beyond classrooms;
  2. Achieve holistic personal development;
  3. Develop communication skills and learn about teamwork;
  4. Discover their strengths and stretch their potential;
  5. Foster teacher-student relationship;
  6. Develop a positive value and attitude by taking part in meaningful and healthy leisure activities; and
  7. Be concerned about the society by joining community services.
Teacher Advisors:
Chief Advisor:
Li Chiu-yeung
Assistant Chief Advisor:
Yuen Yuen-kin
Wong Chi-yin
School Team:
Chim Ha-chuen, Li Chiu-yeung
Voluntary work:
Li Chiu-yeung
Inter-house Activities:
Li Chiu-yeung, Yuen Yuen-kin
Leadership Training:
Yuen Yuen-kin Wong Chi-yin
Yearly Whole-school Activities:
  • ECA lessons
  • School Picnic
  • Visits to Aged People
  • Academic Week
  • Leadership Training camp