Campus in the old days       


New School Campus       



In the Old Days of SJACS (1958-2010)

St. Joseph’s Anglo-Chinese School was founded by the late Rev. Bro. Paul Sun in 1958.  The original school campus was a villa donated by a French Catholic, Madam Lily La Fleur.

 During that time, there were 21 teachers and 455 primary and secondary students.  In 1962, the first batch of 29 Form Five students took the Hong Kong Certificate of Education Examination.  In 1964, the government granted land and funding to build a campus for the secondary school section.  In 1968, the new school building was completed and our secondary section became a grant-in-aid school.

In 1976, Mr. Chan Kong Chiu succeeded as the third principal.  In 1978, the secondary section formally changed to a subsidized school,  and thereafter the first batch of F.7 students graduated in the year of 1982.  On 13th March, 1986, Bro. Paul Sun returned to God’s hand in peace.

In 1992, the first student association was elected.  In 1997, Principal Chan Kong Chiu retired, and the post was taken up by Principal Yeung Siu hung.  In 2004, our Putonghua Panel Chairperson, Ms. Wong Lai Tse was awarded “Chief Executive’s Award for Teaching Excellence”.  In February 2005, an External School Review was conducted to inspect our performance in the domains of “Learning and Teaching”, “Management and Organization”, “Student Support and School Ethos” and “Student Performance”.  Our school received positive comments in various aspects.

On 15th March, 2008, the 50th Golden Jubilee Celebration Mass was held in the school auditorium.  In the Homily, Rev. Cardinal Joseph Zen quoted that Bro. Paul Sun entrusted the school mission to St. Joseph who faithfully followed the Lord’s will.  Moreover, Bro. Paul Sun’s philosophy is to build the school as a loving family where young people can learn about God in an environment of love and care.  As he once said, “I prefer benevolence to sacrifice; it is manifested by Jesus…… Children must be nurtured in love to develop their wisdom, refine their temperament and excel in virtue.”

The school was modified from a villa donated by Madam Lily La Fleur.

Original School Site, 57 Kwun Tong Road (1958)

At that time, there were 455 students in 15 classes, ranging from Primary 3 to Secondary 2.

Teaching Staff Photo (1958-1959)

Foundation Stone Laying Ceremony (2nd July, 1967)

Funeral of our Founder (17th March, 1986)

50th Golden Jubilee Celebration (15th March, 2008)

Poon Choi Feast (23rd January 2010)

A New Chapter of SJACS (2010-present)

After EMB announced that our school would be granted a new school campus in 2007, we started designing the property  and raising fund.  On 23rd January, 2010, a Poon Choi Feast was held to provide a precious opportunity for old boys to visit their teachers at their Alma Mater.  The feast raised about 100 thousand dollars for improving the facilities of the new campus.  We moved in during Christmas 2010.  On 2nd January, 2011, our alumni held a “Lights Out” ceremony in the old campus, where officially the school recommenced on the new campus on 3rd January. 

In 2011, our school responded to the appeal of the Catholic Education Office and joined the Voluntary Optimisation of Class Structure Scheme to facilitate sustainable development of secondary schools.  In 2014, Principal Yeung Siu Hung retired and was succeeded by Principal Poon Wing Keung.  A new era of “Ad Astra” has dawned.

On 14th July, 2014, the first Form 1 parent orientation was held.  Principal Poon greeted the new Form 1 parents and explained his vision of cultivating students with love and preparing them for university after six years of secondary school life.  In July 2014, the adventure program, the life education, and the matching practice were incorporated into the Form 1 bridging course to facilitate an all-round development of our students.  In August 2014, four wind turbines were installed with the Environment and Conservation Fund to generate power for our lighting system; they also promoted the renewable energy and environmental knowledge to our students and the community. 

On 7th Nov, 2015, the 7th St. Joseph Science Community Program was held – 24 teams and 104 students participated in the competition where students built and competed with their robots in football matches.  In November 2015, the renovation of the school chapel was completed; teachers and students can now celebrate the First Friday Mass in the newly decorated chapel.

In school year 2015-2016, the timetable was modified to 10 periods each day; the 6-day cycle was changed into weekday arrangement.  Two ECA periods were introduced into the regular timetable to let students participate in various activities.  Small class teaching was also implemented in Form 1 to cater for the learning diversity.  In October 2016, under the initiatives of the Fourth Strategy on IT in Education, the WiFi infrastructure was upgraded and mobile computing devices were purchased to pave the way of e-Learning in the future.

Completion of new campus (2010)

New Campus Consecration (2011)

Mentor Scheme (2011)

Open Ceremony of Rev. Bro. Paul Sun Memorial Hall (2012)

CMA Joint School Performance (2013)

F.6 Graduates Visual Art Exhibition (2014)

Footdrill of F.1 Bridging Course (2015)