Provide students with a whole-person Catholic education encompassing the spiritual, moral, intellectual, physical, social and aesthetic aspects
of their development, encouraging them to adhere to our school motto of ‘benevolence’ (Caritas) in serving the community, nurturing them to become
masters of their own education, always striving for excellence both in academic studies and self-development in the spirit of ‘Ad Astra’ (To the Stars).

(i)  In fulfillment of our School Motto, “Ad Astra, Caritas”, enable students to learn from Christ’s example, to serve the community with love and to seek
truth and strive for excellence.
(ii) Inspired by the benevolence of our School Founder, Rev. Br. Paul Sun, we place students’ interest at the highest priority and seek to provide them with
a caring and loving environment in which to develop a capacity for lifelong learning and to strive for excellence.