Integrated Humanities aim at developing students’ understanding towards issues regarding aspects in History, Geography, Life and Society, Liberal Studies and Economics. It is also to nurture a sense of responsibility and positive attitudes towards the society, the country and the world. In addition, it aims at helping students build up positive values and various generic skills. Last but not least, students are expected to handle issues regarding their own personal growth that are not covered in other aspects in their school life.


Students will learn to:

  • develop a healthy lifestyle both physically and emotionally, have a positive outlook on life and treasure harmonious relationships with family members and others in different communities;
  • develop an understanding of the changing relationships of people, locations and events in the past and how they impact on the human society today and in the future;
  • appreciate the characteristics and values of their own culture and the influences of culture on human life, and develop appreciation and respect for the culture and heritage of other communities;
  • appreciate the interaction between human beings and the environment in terms of the processes and patterns of natural and human features in different places, and participate in sustaining, conserving and improving the environment;
  • appreciate that the optimal use of resources is achieved through enterprise and management, and that people’s participation in economic activities and their ever-changing nature give rise to new work opportunities and conditions; and
  • demonstrate active and responsible citizenship based on an understanding of and a respect for the roles, rights and responsibilities of individuals and groups, and a due concern for the importance of justice and making recommendations to tackle local, national and global issues.


Lau Lai Chi   2B 3E
Ma Chung Lam 1E 2A, 2E  
Chu Pui Ying 1A,1C    
Chan Man Ho   2C 3A, 3B
Salaroli, Carson     3D
Yu Oi Ying   2D 3C
Fong Mei Ping 1B,1D    

Activity Highlights

Personal Finance Talk by the Hong Kong Institute of Certified Public Accountants

Visit to the Legislative Council

Talk by School of Everyday Life on organic farming in Hong Kong

Exchange Trip to Chaozhou

Cross-curricula Trip to Zhongshan

Experiential Workshop on the hard time during the Japanese Occupation

PSHE Book Promotion and Election

The Junior Secondary History e-Reading Award Scheme 2021

Merit Award in the Smart Cities Competition organized by World New Economy Council


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