Life Wide Learning
Various Life Wide Learning Activities are held in the year 2013-14 to broaden students’ horizons
December 23, 2014  Pop-up Model Workshop

December 23, 2014    Wan Chai Tour
Central & Western District Tour
-to enhance the understanding of the development and history of Hong Kong

December 27, 2014   ‘Explore Our Heritage’ Permanent Exhibition Docent Service
‘Former Kowloon British School and 1883 Building of Hong Kong Observatory’ Docent Service

April 4/7/8, 2014   Form One Field Trip

– to use map reading skills

– to enquire the land use pattern

– to explore interesting features of the area (e.g. temples in the street, low-rise public housing estates, mix of old shops & new shopping malls; lots of cycling paths)

– to find out the urban problems of the area, e.g. crowded with high-rise buildings, little recreational space

– to use the sustainable concept to give suggestions to solve the problems


Lau Lai Chi   2B 3B
Chau Choi Hung   2A, 2D  
Fong Mei Ping 1A    
Ma Chung Lam 1C, 1D 2C, 2E  
Ng Wai Man 1E   3A, 3C
Salaroli, Carson     3D
To Wai Tik 1B    
Yu Oi Ying     3E