English Language

English Language


1.  Uplifting students’ English Language proficiency

2.  Developing students’ generic skills

3.  Catering for learner’s diversity

4.  Promoting assessment for learning

5.  Interfacing junior secondary and senior secondary curricula

6.  Enhancing students’ exposure to English outside classroom

7.  Improving students’ academic performance

8.  Enhancing the quality of teachers’ teaching and marking

9.  Cultivating a reading habit among students

全校閱讀計劃 (Whole-school Reading Programme)
SJACS Weather Station
2014-15 OLE Day
2014-15 Kwun Tong District Secondary Schools Information Day
「乘風一日 自信一生」乘風航(23/11/2014) 活動精華片段 (劉柏睿同學製作)
Hong Kong Primary Mathematics Challenge (2014-2015) Semi-Final (Kowloon East Region)