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English Language


1.  Uplifting students’ English Language proficiency

2.  Developing students’ generic skills

3.  Catering for learner’s diversity

4.  Promoting assessment for learning

5.  Interfacing junior secondary and senior secondary curricula

6.  Enhancing students’ exposure to English outside classroom

7.  Improving students’ academic performance

8.  Enhancing the quality of teachers’ teaching and marking

9.  Cultivating a reading habit among students

St. Joseph's Elder Academy
Whole-School Reading Programme 全校閱讀計劃
2016-17 小六升中模擬面試暨講座 現已接受網上報名
上課天特別調動 (9月13、20及21日)
Issue 004 of The Josephian Quarterly (a newsletter for old boys) is now available