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Whole-School Reading Programme 全校閱讀計劃
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Whole-School Reading Programme 全校閱讀計劃

Whole-School Reading Programme 
全校閱讀計劃 2017-2018


Book Recommendation (Clip)
2E Ho Chak Yin - The Boys' Book 3
6B 呂書昊- <<解密10大貨幣戰爭>>

Book Recommendation(Reading report)
1. 6D 梁洛風 - 《細味人生 100 篇》
2. Ms Fong Mei Ping - When Breath Becomes Air
3. 馬仲琳老師 - 《13‧ 67》
4. 任建卿老師 - 《論語》譯注

全校閱讀計劃 2016-2017

Teens' Reading Club - May 2017

青少年讀書會 - 二零一七年三月

Book Recommendations:



電子閱讀計劃 - 午間閱讀活動


作家講座  - 曾建平先生


漂流書 - 午間閱讀活動







早會閱讀分享 (短片):
  1.  6E Anthony Leung-Aesop's Fables & 6E Kevin Mak-The Quick and Easy Way to Effective Speaking
  2. 6E 林津賢-《吶喊》 & 6E 李栢軒-《這杯咖啡的溫度剛好
  3. 6E 潘君銘 - 《好心人
  4. 6E 何泓鋒 - 《目送
Book Recommendations:
  1. 1E Anson Lam Chun Kiu - The Terrible Tudors
  2. 2D Louis Chow - Not-For-Parents London Everything You Ever Wanted to Know
  3. 2D Mak Ka Kuen - Sherlock Holmes, A Study in Scarlet
  4. 2D Lau Ho Pong Justin Cole - The Rape of Nanking
  5. 3D Rick Law - How to Read a Person Like a Book
  6. 3D  黎浩森 – 《如果這樣,會怎樣?》
  7. 3D Tasso Ng - Men’s Health Arms + Abs
  8. 3D Harvey Wong - Paper Towns
  9. 3D Issac Mok - Slumdog Millionaire
  10. 4A Tang Ho Kuan - The Time Keeper
  11. 4B Issac Ho Check Chit - Self Esteem
  12. 5D 莫子鍵 - 《微雨之城》
  13. 5D Calvin Tung - Book of Junior Science
  14. 5D Kin Mok – The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time
  15. 6D Jack Li - Why We Love
  16. 6E Anthony Leung - Astronomy in Minutes
  17. 吳偉倫老師 - 《紙上染了藍
  18. Mr. Chan Yin Tat - Tuesdays with Morrie
  19. Mr Mark Donnelly – Matilda
  20. Miss Miu Sau Wai – Kane and Abel
  21. Miss Tong Yat Han – The Power of Thinking without Thinking
  22. Ms Yu Oi Ying - How to make people like you in 90 seconds. 
Whole-School Reading Programme
全校閱讀計劃 2014-2015

Book Recommendations:
6E Lee Chun Wang
6E Wan Ching Fai
6B Lam Tuen Po

6E Mak Sai Wai
6E Law Ho Fung
6E Yim Ho Chiu

Whole-School Reading Programme 
全校閱讀計劃 2013-2014

Book Recommendations:
1.          2D Chan Chun Wing:
2.          2D Ng Chun Lok Bosco:
3.          2D Leung Pak Yin:
4.          閱讀大使分享:

4E 何泓鋒
4E 潘君銘



SJACS TV 校園電視台
Whole-School Reading Programme 全校閱讀計劃
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