Student Association

The Student Association aims to   
a. Act as a bridge between the school and students;
b. Organize extra-curricular activities;
c. Reinforce the connection among school clubs and houses;
d. Work for students’ welfare;
e. Strengthen the connection and communication with other schools; and
f. Stay in connection with the old boys’ association.
Through the activities organized by the Student Association, we hope to
a. Cultivate students’ sense of civic pride;
b. Foster students’ sense of belonging towards school; and
c. Promote holistic personal development among students.

Teacher Advisors (2015-2016):
Chief Advisor:
Mr Wong Chi-yin
Mr Chan Chi-ming
Ms Chung Lan-sze
Mr Wong Wong-fui
Mr Yuen Yuen-kin
24th Student Association:
Lam Cham Kit
Vice-chairman (Internal):
Ma Ho Yu
Vice-chairman (External):
Chan Sing Yu Gary
Secretary (Internal):
Lin Hing Yiu
Secretary (External):
Au Chung To
First Treasurer:
Tang Chi Kuen
Second Treasurer:
Chan Chun Yin
General Secretary:
Lam Chun Ngai Dickson
General Editor:
Law Chung Nam
Public Relations Secretary:
Fong King Leung Kenrick

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