The Alumni Associations


Founded in 1965, The Old Boys' Association of SJACS (OBA) was our schoolˇ¦s first old boys' organization aiming at establishing a network among graduates to foster their connection, to maintain the spirit of unity and to reinforce the sense of belonging to their alma mater. The membership of the OBA had increased over the years.

In the late 80s, the OBA held fewer and fewer functions. Meanwhile, a group of old boys who graduated in the 70s initiated different events and started to gain the recognition of the school. The Josephian Association was founded in 1991, replacing the OBA (which deregistered with the Hong Kong Police Force) as the official alumni organization. It has been liaising with old boys and organizing various events.

Rev. Bro. Paul Sun Education Foundation

In 1980, the OBA established the "Rev. Bro. Paul Sun Educational Funds" (Funds) to commemorate our founder, Bro. Paul Sun. A portion of the funds raised formed a scholarship to award students with excellent conduct or outstanding academic achievements.

To carry out the spirit of Bro. Paul Sun who dedicated himself to education, The Josephian Association obtained the approval of the Government to establish "Rev. Bro. Paul Sun Educational Funds" (Foundation) in 2009. A trustee has been formed to monitor the fund allocation and operation of the Foundation. The Foundation will be run under the Hong Kong Taxation Ordinance. The money raised will be allocated to subsidize facilities of the new campus, scholarships for primary and secondary sections, and as a donation to community.

The previous Funds is managed by the school authority and several teachers. The Funds no longer accepts donation. The remaining fund, however, will still be allocated for annual scholarships until it is exhausted.


If you are interested in making donation to "Rev. Bro. Paul Sun Educational Funds", you may contact The Josephian Association at